Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crazy Puppy

There are so many stories I can write about.... Here is one that I was thinking about this morning. For some reason my Gracie loves paper, any kind of paper, toilet paper, receipts, mail, etc. One day I came home from work and found toilet paper everywhere! It was coming from the bathroom to the hall and into our bedroom. I about had a fit, the whole roll was unrolled and there was a little fluffy puppy just sitting there looking at me! Looking at her I had to laugh, how can you be mad at something so stinking cute!
This past weekend we went out of town, my sister kept Gracie for me. On Saturday morning I get a text message saying "OMG you have the worst dog in the world". I knew this could not be good. She proceeded to tell me what happened. My sister Taylor was watering the garden and the dogs were with her. Gracie found the one spot in the fence that she could escape. She ran through the mud and across the yard to the neighbors house! The neighbors house is not close at all and they have 2 huge huskies. What was she thinking?! Finally she came back and Taylor got onto her. She told me "I spanked her and locked her up on the deck" Poor Taylor, poor Gracie, maybe one day she will learn to listen! She listens to her dad and will stop in her tracks when he gets onto her, but me yeah right she runs all over me! Hopefully our children wont be the same way! She is a nut but I wouldn't change a thing about her, she is so sweet and has the best personality a dog can have!!

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