Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weeks 29-35

Well hello, I have missed a lot of weeks here!! My Internet was down for a while, then my computer was acting funny, and I have just been worn out! So in the past few weeks we have painted Bailey's room and started to get things together. I have had 2 wonderful baby showers, one from my family and one from Jacob's family! We got lots of goodies and good stuff! My grandmother gave us a stroller and car seat, and my mother in law gave me the most adorable car seat cover.
My mother and sisters bought us Bailey's bedding! I just love it, and I got my diaper bag in the mail today. I ordered a Vera Bradley one, I think Bailey is going to be rotten! So I am 35 weeks now! only 5 or less to go. The dr said my cervix will determine if I can be induced a few days early. I am more nervous about my water breaking and contraction starting and going into labor on my own than actual delivery. I think baby girl is running out of room in there. I feel stuffed and my back hurts all the time! For some reason my cat is driving me crazy! She wants to sit on top of my tummy all the time, from sleeping at night to when I am sitting in the chair watching tv. It is not comfortable at all. I feel beat up by the end of the day. This girl is so active all the time. I wonder if she will be crazy active when she gets here??!! Well I start going to the Dr weekly now. Going to get an ultrasound on tuesday to check her size. Dr said I am measuring a little small but he thinks everything is good! Getting excited and nervous at the same time!