Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weeks 26-28

Firstly I want to tell everyone that we decided on a name for this baby girl! Her name is Bailey Grace Shackelford. I am sure some of you caught on to my "thankful" status the other day. I put it in there to see if anyone would notice, a few people did. I want to I am also very excited for this weekend! My sisters are throwing me a baby shower! I sure hope people come and have a nice time. This week I have my glucose test. Not really looking forward to it. Drinking yucky stuff then being pricked and hoping for good results! So we will see how it goes. Things have been good the past few weeks, been having some contractions. Went to the dr because I was a little worried thats what it may be. I was right, so the doctor tested me to make sure i was not in pre term labor. The test was negative :) Thankfully!! I was kinna freaking out. He told me if the test was positive I had a 95% change of having the baby in the next two weeks. Not what I wanted to hear. So I am very thankful the test came back negative. I have felt better today, all except the pain in my ribs. Oh my gosh it is so painful and I wish there was something I could do about it. It is not bad in the morning, it starts hurting after I have been sitting for a little while, then around 6 in the evening I just want to lay down it hurts so bad. If this is the worst thing I have to deal with I can deal! I just hope everything else continues to go smoothly!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 20-25

So I realised today I am 25 weeks along this week...time is flying by! I have began growing like crazy, my belly is still stretching and hurting alot. I went to the Dr today for a typical checkup, I have been real dizzy and faint feeling the past month or so. The Dr said I was dehydrated, I thought I have been doing good drinking water, he said I just needed a little something more, like Gatorade or Poweraid. I also have been having this sharp pain on the right side of my ribs, he said I could have pulled something or she could have actually kicked me and bruised my ribs! And I feel the pain when she moves over to that area. Because its not there all the time, just every now and then. I have been having cramping in my calfs too, I was told it is a charlie horse. Wow they hurt so bad, they only happen when I am sleeping and stretching. I wanted to cry the other night it hurt so bad. The baby has been moving a lot too. I have tried to get Jacob to feel her but every time he comes and feels she decides to stop moving. We put together her crib, and I like it a lot, I am ready to get the bedding and have everything together. We have not decided on a name yet, we have a few names in mind but nothing set in stone. I had to put my kitty to sleep a few weeks ago, It was the best thing for her. She was sick and not getting any better, the vet said it would cost me about $150.00 a month to make her feel better but it wouldn't fix her. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do...ever. Not much else has changed...until next time!