Saturday, July 17, 2010

6-8 weeks of being pregnant

I am going to start from the beginning and write all the things that have happened, good and bad, so I can look back one day and see all that I have endured and enjoyed!

I took a test and thought it was negative, I was so unsure because the 2nd line was so faint. So I called the Dr. They said wait 2 days and take another one, so i did and it was positive! I was so nervous and scared and i didn't know what to do or say! SO I told Jacob and he didn't believe me, he said I will believe it when i hear it from the Dr. I scheduled a conformation appointment and they said I was pregnant, probably about 6 weeks! That Wednesday we decided to tell my parents and his parents. It was his dads birthday so jacob wrote him a card and told him he had a hunting buddy on the way! They were thrilled, then we went to tell my parents, I baked cupcakes and put small pacifiers tied to a string in them. I told everyone that there was a surprise in them and they had to pull the ribbon at the same time. They did and it was mom just started eating the cupcake, chan just looked at it and ellen looked at me and her eyes got big and she said no way...a baby?! I looked at Jacob and he was smiling from ear to ear and so was my dad and shane! Then my mom realised what it was, she freaked out, so did everyone else! Lots of screaming, hugs and tears! So fun! So people started asking me " How do you feel"? I felt great so I told everyone i felt great then it hit me. It was almost 5 days later and i felt like a train hit me! I was so sick to my stomach but I couldn't throw up, It just hurt and I didnt want to eat, things started to smell bad and nothing tasted good. I thought i was going to die. I kept saying if this last all nine months i am not going to make it :( Thankfully the Dr said I could take Dramamine and it works wonders! It made me feel so much better. The only downfall was it made me sleepy. Super Sleepy on top of being exhausted all ready! I took it for a few days and then stopped and I have felt pretty good since then. Each day has gotten better, slowly but surely! I went to my first Dr appt last Thursday, I got an ultrasound and I heard the heartbeat, also talked to the Dr and he said things looked good and we are on our way! Next Dr appt 4 weeks! More updates to come...

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