Tuesday, August 3, 2010

9-11 Weeks

Well I have made it to 11 weeks...well i will be 11 weeks this thursday! Things have started looking up for me! I am feeling better and not as tired as I was feeling at first. A few weekends ago I went with my family to Gatlinburg. We had a fun time, we walked a lot and shopped! I bought two onesies that could be boy or girl, I thought they were cute and I didnt want to pass them up. I will post pictures. Also I posted a picture of my baby belly, yes it is little but it is there! I have been asking jacob for weeks "Can you see it?? Can you see it?? " He just laughs and said not yet! But today he said yes I see it, (Maybe he is sick of me asking if he can see it and finally said yes!) and I did have a dress on verses a loose fitting shirt. I have felt funny wearing tight clothes because I don't feel like I look pregnant, I feel like i just look fat :( But today I kinna see it more than I have. I have had some mood swings, nothing crazy but things do irritate me easily! Like people driving, what is wrong with them?? They cut you off and switch lanes at the last second, and they don't get out of the way! I started back to work last week, back at Chimneyrock! So far things seem to be going well, new administration and new people to meet and get to know. It is exciting, saw some of the students from last year and happy to see them!!

Baby Bump 11 weeks


  1. It is definitely there! SO cute. Only a few more weeks, and you won't have the "I just feel fat" feeling, you will def feel like there is a baby in there. But regardless, the people around you can tell now! YAY

  2. I see the bump, so precious!
    Glad you're feeling a bit better... xoxo

  3. the bump is precious! i remeber asking matt "do i look fat or pregnant?" all the time in the beginning. i can't wait to meet the little person inside the bump!