Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby News

Well we announced on Thursday that we will be adding to our family, or maybe starting our family, which ever is correct! We are very excited about this, Jacob is more excited than I thought he would be!! I am due on February 27th which is my moms birthday! ( I am not sure why people say WE are due considering I am the one having this child! I know he is the father but I have to go through some rough stuff!) My mom said "Oh no this cant be, that is MY birthday!" She was joking, she said i had to have it early or later than the due date! I am wondering if next year is a leap year?? I have to research this...That would be bad to have my baby born on that one day that only comes every four years!! So we slowly started telling people when I felt more comfortable about it. Of course I was worried (and I still am) that anything could happen. So I thought about 8 weeks and after my first dr appt would work. There is a lot to know about being pregnant, all the test and changes in your body and things to not eat, its kinna crazy! I think I have done well so far, only one Coke a day and I have been eating more fruit and veggies. I am so so so tired everyday, I just want to sleep all day then go to be around 8 at night, and I feel sick all the time, last week was bad, thought i was dying. This week has been better, the Dr said I could take Dramamine and that helps but makes me a little more tired :( Everyone keeps saying it will go away as soon as I get out of the first trimester, I am praying for this and I sure hope its true! I just feel frumpy right now, my pants are a little tight and I am not exactly ready to move on to maternity clothes yet... I am open to any advise anyone has also I am thankful I have friends that just had a baby or are pregnant now. They feel my pain!! Thanks everyone in advance I am sure I am going to need you!!!


  1. You're so precious! Just put trust in the man upstairs that things will be a-ok! This is such a wonderful time in your life - soak it all up! Wish I was at Chimneyrock to see you develop into the wonderful Mommy you're going to be... so we must stay in touch and have some girl dates! Your child will be so lucky to have you as a Mama! Love ya lady xoxo

  2. Amy,
    I am so excited for you and Jacob! Just relax and enjoy the ride! While you usually feel bad the first trimester, you will find probably find you feel amazing the second trimester. This is one of the most amazing times of your life. Enjoy it. Don't worry about the due date. This baby is going to come into this world when it is the right time. And it will be perfect. You have a gift from God growing inside you! How exciting is that? Enjoy every day. You have a wonderful Mother who has been a great role model. And you are going to be an even better Mother! Love you! Connie