Monday, June 28, 2010

In the beginning

Well this is how it all started... I was constantly asking my husband for a puppy! "I just want a puppy that will follow me around and I can take to my moms house"! Thats all I wanted! Someone to love me and to call my own! Growing up my parents never wanted a dog, my mom didn't like the smell of dogs and she is a clean freak! Until my persistent sister( who was 17 at the time, I was 20) had to have a dog and just brought her home, well they couldn't say no then, and now we love that dog! She is a pug and she is so funny! She is the apple of my fathers eye! My mom loved Pugga so much that she wanted another one! Reminder, this is the same woman that NEVER wanted a dog! Now they have 2 pugs! Pugga is a fawn dog and Bella is a black dog! So I never had a dog growing up. I finally got my own puppy, thanks to my wonderful husband! He decided he was going to surprise me on my birthday in 2009! He brought home this little, white, fluffy ball of joy! He told me there were many to pick from. The first one he picked up was calm and quiet and just sitting there to herself-like me. He decided she may be to calm, so he picked up the next one, which was running around, barking and terrorizing all the other puppies-like him! The breeder said Oh she is my favorite, lots of attitude and personality, he said I will take her! When he told me that I knew I was in for a crazy ride! She is the funniest dog ever! She has so much energy all the time, its amazing! I love her with all my heart even though she can be a terror sometimes :)

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