Wednesday, September 15, 2010

12-17 Weeks

Wow I just realized tomorrow I will be 17 weeks pregnant, and I have not kept up with my post very well! The time has gone quicker than I though it would. 3 weeks and I will be 20 weeks, half way there (kinna scary), and we will find out the gender of our bebe!! I am so excited about finding out what we are having. Everyone says its going to be a boy. We had a parent volunteer at school and she told me she could read people and tell what they are having. She told me I was having a girl, the crazy thing is our assistant principal was sitting next to me and she looked at her and asked why her baby boy was acting up( she just found out she is having a boy and he has been causing her lots of pain in her tummy). Kinna crazy but she does have a 50/50 chance! So we will see! Not much has been going on, I have been to the dr a few times. My last appointment was monday, they did the normal stuff, check my weight, blood pressure and listen for the heart beat. Well they could not find the heart beat, and I had been having bad pains in my tummy. So they decided to do an ultrasound (scary but I was excited to see baby), they found baby real quick, baby was hiding behind my pelvic bone. Had a good heart beat and measurements look good. They said the baby looked normal and great size. The said the pains are my muscles stretching. So that made me feel better that nothing was wrong. I have felt better in the second trimester, I have more energy and I am not as hungry all the time! I will post a pic of my tummy. I think its still small and everyone at work said there is no way I am 4 months pregnant. I asked the dr if it was common to look small and he said yes, it should pop out in a few more weeks.

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